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Youth Ministries



An acolyte is a youth who is responsible for lighting the candles to start worship. This signifies the presence of God in worship. An acolyte is also responsible for presenting the scripture text for morning worship. 



CPC Praise Dancers


Praise dancing is a form of worship that expresses outward praise to God mainly in church services. Covenant Praise Dancers perform on Easter, Homecoming, and World Communion Day. 



Church School


Covenant offers Church School each Sunday during 10AM worship service. Most Sundays, the day's lesson reflects the scripture and ideas of the morning message. All youth are welcome.

Youth Group


Covenant cares about youth, they are an integral part of our community and our worship. Covenant's youth are involved in faith formation and strong community building with each other. Covenant Youth Group is designed to invite, inspire, affirm, and equip youth for discipleship and Christian leadership in their lives and their communities.

All interested youth should contact Ms. Polk for more details.  

All interested youth should contact Ms. Pitts for more details.  

For more information, please contact Ms. Blue or Ms. George.

All interested youth should contact Ms. Polk for more details.  

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