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Music Ministries

Covenant's Music Ministry is committed to facilitating worship, fellowship, encouragement and outreach through a balanced program of music that includes expressions of traditional and modern, eloquent and simple, familiar and new. We strive to prepare gatherings for worship that are Christ-exalting, transformational, and display the unity of the Spirit.


If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you join us.


SENIOR CHIOR REHEARSAL                         Bert Simon                                                  Saturday 8:30AM (before 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday)


PRAISE CHIOR REHEARSAL                          Glennette Murphy                                      Wednesday 7:00PM (2 weeks before 2nd Sunday)


MEN'S CHOIR REHEARSAL                           Glennette Murphy                                      Wednesday 7:00PM (before 5th Sunday)

PRAISE TEAM REHEARSAL                            Timothy Williamson                                   Saturday 12:00PM

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